Authorised Personnel

The controlled access to customers stored archive records is important to ensure sensitive information does not end up with unauthorised staff.

CTI Records Management pride ourselves on the relationships that we build with our customers over time. Our Perth based operations team often deal with the same customer personnel on a day to day basis and get to know and understand their requirements. However, it is impossible for us to know everyone that calls to access their organisations stored archives.

We authenticate each retrieval request when we deliver to our customer premises and obtain a receivers signature but this does not necessary mean that the requester and or the receiver are authorised to access the records retrieved in the first.

Our customers internal access control of archives stored off-site can only be managed by us if we are advised who can access your records. We strongly recommend that a list of authorised personnel be provided which can be recorded on our software by staff name and password. By setting up Authorised Personnel, access to and retrieval of records will only be permitted if the name and password is quoted correctly.

The ultimate access control to records is via our online web application RS Web. Only authorised staff who are registered as an online user by CTI Records Management have access to their archive inventory.

Controlled Access to Storage Areas

Only CTI staff have access to our document storage warehouses.

Access to our storage areas by non CTI Records Management personnel can be prearranged by written notification. No one can gain access to the warehouse without sufficient identification unless they are well known by staff. All visitors to the storage areas are required to sign our visitor’s book when arriving and departing our facility.

Customers visiting site that wish to enter our storage areas are accompanied at all times. No access to stored archives is permitted in the storage areas at any time. Visitors that wish to access archives will be directed to an onsite office viewing room where the requested archives can be made available and any work carried out.

We have intruder detection and access control systems installed to all our storage areas which are both monitored by our own sister company ‘ARM Security’ who is a part of the CTI Logistics group of companies.

After Hour Access

Our office hours are between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday and we are flexible around these times.

CTI Records Management can also offer an after-hours service upon request. Our phones are redirected to after-hours operator outside our office hours.