Document Storage Warehouses

CTI Records Management operate from two Perth locations. Our company owned document storage warehouses are situated conveniently in West Perth and Bibra Lake.

These warehouses are a masonry and steel construction with a roof apex of 33 feet and fitted with a customised mezzanine floor racking system. This storage system is designed to offer a quick effective retrieval service which does not rely on the aid of machinery to access archive boxes. It also provides a safe working area for our staff to operate in.

Each racking module is made up of many storage bays where archive containers are stored, with each container having its own position within the bay. All containers within our racking system are stored above ground level.

Our premium CBD storage facility situated in West Perth acts as a central point from where our pickup and delivery vehicles can easily distribute and consolidate storage archives. This location enables us to respond very quickly to urgent requests. We have convenient access to both the city and the freeway network allowing us to easily service the CBD and the extended Perth metropolitan area.

On Premise Viewing Rooms

For those more complex archiving projects, it is very common for our customers to attend our warehouses to access their records rather than retrieving large quantities of archives back to their own office. In particular, our West Perth facility attracts CBD based customers considering the proximity.

A practical office working area is available for customers by a pre-booking arrangement. The access list of archives can be forwarded to operations prior to your booking date and our staff will retrieve the requested archives from storage and place them in your booked viewing room in readiness for your arrival.

The viewing rooms and situated in an office environment and have the modern office comforts of heating and air-conditioning. We can also provide a phone, fax, and photocopier for general use as required. Free parking is available providing you with total ease and convenience to attend our facility.

Media Vault

CTI Records Management has a purpose built computer media vault specifically designed for the correct storage of all heat sensitive items.

The media vault has controlled climate with a temperature of approximately 20 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40%. The construction of the room is non-combustible masonry walls, concrete floor and ceiling and fitted with a fire rated solid door.

There is strict access control in place to the media vault by the means of an electronic lock out system. Only senior CTI staff have electronic swipe cards to enter this restricted storage area.

Warehouse Maintenance

CTI Records Management warehouses are maintained regularly. All warehouse staff are responsible for the upkeep of the warehouses and carry out regular housekeeping duties. Weekly Site Inspection Checklists are completed which ensure our storage and operation areas are maintained to a high standard at all times.

It is company policy that no smoking, eating or drinking is to take place within our storage warehouses. We have dedicated lunch room facilities that staff are welcome to use but smoking must be taken off-site altogether.

Our own pest management company ‘CTI Pest Control’ is responsible for the control of cockroaches, spiders, mice, and rats. Quarterly treatment is scheduled for all records warehouses to prevent the introduction of troublesome pests ensuring your archives are safe from the damage that can be sustained by vermin.