Records management is the systematic control of an organisation’s records throughout their life cycle in order to meet legal obligation and operational business and financial requirements. Effective management of corporate information allows fast, accurate and reliable access to records at all times and ultimately the secure and timely destruction of redundant information.

Records management ensures that records are systematically and efficiently;

REGISTERED – catalogued and indexed
STORED – secured, preserved and retained for as long as they are needed
DESTROYED – permanently destroyed and de-identified once they are no longer needed

CTI Records Management can either fully or partially manage your records depending on your requirements and how involved you need us to be. We can simply store your records until we receive further instruction from you or otherwise we can provide you with a total records management solution;

REGISTER – Catalogue recording descriptions and classifications of individually stored records on our Information Management software available for you to access, interrogate, update information and retrieve from your desktop.
STORE – Securely and confidentially provide storage for document or digital data in purpose built facilities to maintain and preserve the data condition for the life cycle of all stored records.
DESTROY – Develop and manage set retention periods of individual registered records by default destruction date and permanently destroy records to an illegible waste by means of shredding or incineration when given final authorisation.