Document scanning convert’s paper hard copy documents into a digital format that can be stored, accessed, transmitted and viewed on a computer.

A commercial scanner takes a photograph of your documents and converts the image into a digital format. The output of this image varies depending on the resolution (dpi) and the file format that is required.

We have the ability to scan up to 130 pages per minute. Pages can be single-sided or double-sided as front and back pages are captured simultaneously. The smart software will automatically delete blank pages and will also clean and remove imperfections and improve clarity which in some cases results in a produced image that is better than the hard copy original.

Considering most documentation is ladened with stationery including paper clips, staples, bulldog clips, plastic sleeves etc. we release the individual sheets from any bindings as a part of the document preparation process. This enables us to accept documents from our customers as is.

When the scanning and indexing is complete, we can either provide a burned CD/DVD or send you a copy via FTP. The original hard copies can be either boxed and stored in our document storage warehouse or confidentially and securely destroyed by shredding to an illegible waste.