CTI Records Records VanPhysical Security

Considering our business and reputation hinges on confidentiality and trust, our building and operational security is paramount to us.

We have intruder detection and access control systems installed which are both monitored by our own sister company ‘ARM Security’ who is a part of the CTI Logistics group of companies.

ARM is also located at our West Perth facility in a strong room built inside our document storage warehouse and provides 24 hours a day 7 days a week support.

A network of CCTV cameras are located around the perimeter and throughout the warehouses ensuring we have a visual of operations at all times. The video footage taken is recorded to DVR as a precaution and available to revisit at a later stage if required. Further to this, ARM security officers observe TV monitors in the strong room in real time during our operational hours.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

In addition to physical security systems, our complete document storage and document destruction process and procedures have been standardised in Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) for both operation and administration functions.

SOPs clearly outline the procedures we follow to maintain a high level of service, security and confidentiality and ensures our staff are accountable for the role they play in the overall process.

To ensure compliance, periodic SOP refresher courses are held and staff are notified and updated with any procedural changes that may occur from time to time.

Our staff sign a confidentiality clause in their letter of employment prior to commencing employment with CTI Records Management.