Cost – A self-storage unit is at one fixed cost regardless of the quantity of archive boxes you are storing. When your storage unit reaches capacity, adding new archives boxes to store may result in the leasing an additional self-storage unit.

Location – Most self-storage facilities are situated in the outer industrial districts of the Perth metropolitan area. This adds to staffing costs associated to distance and time involved in travelling between your self-storage unit and your place of business.

Access – Access to self-storage centres is limited to weekday working hours and weekend restrictions apply.

OH&S – There are many risks associated with allowing your staff to handle archive boxes and working alone offsite.

Filing and Retrieval – Relying on staff or company owned vehicles has limitations on the quantity of archive boxes that need to be handled and transported between the office and storage unit. Couriers may be required at an extra cost. However, staff will still be needed to allow access to or from the self-storage unit.

Storage Environment – Self-storage units are not equipped with the necessary shelving to properly store archive boxes. Shelving can be installed but will be at the cost of the tenant. Archive boxes that are positioned directly onto concrete are subject to draw moisture which can result in damage to your documentation. Safe stacking boxes to 4 high and allowing for access ways reduces your self-storage unit’s capacity.

Pest Control – The control of common pests including spiders, cockroaches, mice and rats is the responsibility of the tenant and at their cost. If this is overlooked, permanent damage may occur to your business records.

Security – There is no intruder or smoke detection systems in self-storage units.

Management – The management of archives is totally your responsibility. Staff time involved in retrieving and refiling and senior staff time overseeing this process should be considered.

CTI Records Management

Cost – You pay a storage rate per box with CTI Records Management. We guarantee that this archive box rate will be more cost effective than a comparative box calculated in self-storage even when a self-storage unit is at capacity. A self-storage calculated box rate will only increase if the self-storage unit is not at capacity and the overall saving will become even greater.

Location – Our document storage warehouses are conveniently located in West Perth and Bibra Lake.

Access – Access to your archives is available 24 hours 7 days per week.

OH&S – Our staff is inducted and follow work safe methods. We also carry Workers Compensation insurance to cover staff when they are either on or offsite. Retrievals to our customers can be delivered to individual desk tops to eliminate your staff internally handling archive boxes.

Filing and Retrieval – The movement of client records is effected by CTI Records Management personnel in company owned vehicles that have the capacity for 100 boxes. Our staff utilise material handling equipment to safely and securely manage archive boxes and other archive containers to and from storage.

Storage Environment – The heart of our operation consists of a customised racking system designed not only to offer a quick effective retrieval service but also provide a safe storage area to work in. Each racking component is made up of many bays where archive boxes and containers are stored, with each item having its own position within a bay. To avoid damage of boxes CTI Records racking system provides a safe stack limit of 4 boxes. All boxes of records are stored above ground level for safety precautions in the event of water leaks.

Pest Control – Our own pest management company ‘CTI Pest Control’ is responsible for the control of cockroaches, spiders, mice, and rats. Quarterly treatment is scheduled for all records warehouses to prevent the introduction of troublesome pests ensuring your archives are safe from the damage that can be sustained by vermin.

Security – Intruder and smoke detection and access control systems are installed in our document storage warehouses which are monitored by our own sister company ‘ARM Security’ who is a part of the CTI Logistics group of companies. A network of CCTV cameras are located around the perimeter and throughout the warehouses ensuring we have a visual of operations at all times.

Management – Our Records Management System is driven by the latest software which includes bar-coding and scanning. The O’Neil Software RS Web application is available through the internet and provides customers a total Online Inventory Management system allowing the ordering of record storage services and supplies online from your desktop.