If your business is primarily file oriented, Open Shelf Filing is the ultimate off-site storage system available for active files and folders. The prime candidate businesses that suit active file storage are in the medical, legal, accountancy and insurance fields.

Each file/folder is barcoded and comprehensively registered on our Information Management database and stored individually in file shelving similar to what you may have at your office. An activity log is maintained for each file recording every retrieval and refiling event ensuring we know the whereabouts of your files at all times. This file history information can be easily accessed on request or be provided in a report which itemises each transaction by date and time stamp and includes the service requester.

Open Shelf Filing system allows you to extend your own office file room offsite and manage active files from your desk top in real time via our online web application RS Web. We can work with you to design a data entry page in your terminology and tag selected fields with your company references which will provide familiarisation for your staff and result in consistent and controlled data entry.

If quick access is what you need it’s what you will get with Open Shelf File Storage.