If you consider the cost associated with extracting core samples from the field you will agree that secure sample storage, preservation and management is essential. Resource and Mining companies invest heavily in exploration and sample analysis, storage and review is an ongoing concern.

All core samples reside in specific storage locations in our records centre and are delineated by the sample and container type. Core sample storage is facilitated in purpose built heavy duty racking modules to manage extra weight and eliminate the risk of contamination.

Our Information Management database provides customised data entry fields to record all relevant sample information;

  • Well
  • Sample Type
  • Set Name
  • Set Number
  • Depth Range
  • Sample Date

This provides our customers with a complete detailed record of all samples stored. Reports can readily be provided and customised to the specific core sample data. Similar to all individually registered storage items at CTI Records Management, all core samples are barcoded which allows sample tracking, identification and retrieval up on request.