Archive cataloguing is the process of adding an archive record to a catalogue and recording the archive records description and classification. This process plays a pivotal role in archive identification and the future ability to access specific records in storage.

There are a number of detailed ways your records can be indexed. The first decision to be made is what level archiving of your records is required. The answer to this should be based on your business requirements. Industries such as medical, legal, accountancy and insurance work with individual files therefore it is obvious that file-level indexing is needed. However for most other organisations that mainly generate general business and operation documentation it is more likely that box-level indexing will be sufficient.

CTI Records Management is aware of the risks associated with being unable to locate documents due to poor indexing of records. The correct and comprehensive cataloguing of records and indexing of boxes is a fundamental step towards a good records management system and future access to records stored offsite.

We can provide trained records management staff to catalogue and index records to any level required prior to storage. This can be as basic or comprehensive as the individual customer requires and will be carried out at the customer’s direction. The final produced catalogue can be provided on a basic Excel Spreadsheet and also imported into our Inventory Management software. This provides the customer with an in-house catalogue and access to this data and all records management services online via our RS Web application.