Every organisation should have a records retention policy that is based on legal obligations and the individual businesses requirements.

The criteria used to develop this policy should take into account the specific types and the categories of documents which must be preserved and the term for which they must be retained.

When a records retention policy is established, destruction review date can be set for archived records at the cataloguing and indexing stage.

These destruction review dates can be entered in our Inventory Management software when new items are registered for storage.

This will allow CTI Records Management to manage the retention storage period for the customer.

When destruction review dates default in our system, we write to the customer with this advice and present a destruction work order for final authorisation.

Only when this work order is authorised and endorsed by the customer, the selected storage archives will be removed from location and destroyed to an illegible waste.

This process of review ensures the timely destruction of redundant archives and minimises ongoing storage costs.

In addition to storage archive destruction, CTI Records Management have available clean secure office shredding bins for destruction of general office documents.

The bins are blue to represent paper and are fitted with a slotted lid and key lock assembly to eliminate unauthorised access. All destruction bins have our contact details and identify what can and can’t be discarded.

Our destruction bins can be exchanged on a scheduled arrangement or on-demand request. The scheduled arrangement can be on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly basis.

CTI Records Management own and operate an industrial shredding machine and guarantee a total secure and confidential service. There is no third party outsourcing whatsoever in the shredding process.

Only CTI staff that operate company owned vehicles, plant and equipment and work out our facilities are involved reassuring our customers’ confidence.