Fast and effective access to records that are stored off-site is paramount.

Our operations team strives to meet our clients delivery requirements at all times. Our CBD based customers that store records in our premium first-class West Perth records centre have a luxury 1-2 hour delivery service which goes beyond are customers’ expectations. Retrievals from our Bibra Lake facility are made within a very respectable 2-3 hours timeframe from when the request is lodged.

To ensure a chain-of-custody is upheld, there is no third party involvement during any stage of our operation ensuring we are fully in control and accountable for your records at all times. The movement of customers’ records is effected by CTI Records Management personnel in CTI company owned vehicles. All our vehicles are enclosed to safeguard your records in transit between the records centre and your office. Each vehicle is air-conditioned which guarantees a constant temperature is maintained for transporting records and computer media that is heat sensitive.

Our staff utilise material handling equipment to safely and securely manage archive boxes and other archive containers to and from storage. To eliminate your staff from having to handle boxes and containers internally, we are happy to go beyond reception and provide a desk top service.

Retrieval and access requests can be made by email, facsimile, phone call or placed online on our RS Web application.