TechnologyRecords Management Software

CTI Records Management, through CTI Logistics Limited, has its own IT Department responsible for ensuring support, development and continuity of our computer systems.

We utilise a world renowned records management software which populates in excess of 1,000 records management facilities worldwide. This is the ‘first choice of records centres worldwide’ operating in more than 80 countries.

O’Neil RSSQL is state-of-the-art software from O’Neil Software, first unveiled in 1999.

This flexible and feature-rich information management and record tracking software allows CTI to easily and accurately manage, track and monitor the activity of any storable item (boxes, file folders, documents, and tapes) throughout our records centre, from registration through to final destruction.

The O’Neil Order Web application is available through the internet and provides customers a total Online Inventory Management system allowing the ordering of record storage services and supplies online from your desktop. This includes scheduling pickups and deliveries, checking on the status of work-orders and service requests in progress and registering new archives, defining and updating storage item descriptions.


Every individually stored archive container, media and open shelf file that enters the CTI Records Management facility is assigned a unique bar code label which determines the custodian and the type of archive being stored.

When barcodes are initially registered into store, the barcode is cross referenced to the clients’ archive code.

The client code referred to as the Alternative Code must be clearly identifiable on the outside of the archive record.

All registered archive storage items that are entering store or returning to store are individually scanned into storage location. Our warehouse staff scan a location barcode that specifically relates to the individual storage location the archive item will reside.

This eliminates any possible chance of human error in manual recording or chance of mishandling to an incorrect location.

The scanning of all archives is uploaded to our data base and reconciled with the collection work orders ensuring what has been picked up has been stored correctly.

Every scan is recorded which provides a complete archive activity history of each registered stored archive.